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Small Business Website Promotion

Sometimes you just can not wait for the search engines to rank you on the first page... or maybe you're in a highly competitive business field?

In these cases we turn to paid advertising:

  • Pay Per Click advertising on Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Offers, Ads, and Promotions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN
  • Remarketing, Email Campaigns, Print Ads, and Tradeshow Exhibits

We can put your message where your best prospects search.

A/B Split Testing with Facebook

With recent changes on Facebook we have the ability to create inexpensive micro-targeted advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your sales page, landing page, or internet presentation.  Using Google's A/B testing software, we can create multiple versions of web pages with slight variations of language, graphics, and calls-to-action to rapidly test effectiveness.

Doing A/B Split Testing with Facebook means you can use real data to measure the effectiveness of a campaign before going live at the more expensive venuse, like a tradeshow floor, Google AdWords or Direct Mail Campaign.

Business Blogging

Does your business blog?  If so, then we can manage content development and publication--then push your content links to the important, high traffic websites to help attract more traffic to your message.

We are WordPress experts, but also work with Tumblr and Blogger.  We do more than push words around the internet, we help you create, measure, and adjust your internet advertising strategy to maximize your return on investment.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation to see how we can help increase your advertising impact.

Remarketing with Facebook

Using advanced conversion tracking software we can build a database of people who've visited your website and create additional ad campaigns to target those folks.  Remarketing campaigns are proven to dramatically increase sales conversions and have become a critical component to any paid ad campaign.

Taking Remarketing one step further, we can create additional target audiences from look-a-like lists of Facebook users to those people who've visited your website.

Call today to request a free demo of the power of Facebook Remakreting.

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